Many factors determine profitability in modern production agriculture. Factors such as exchange rates and global trade flows can’t be controlled at the farm level. But factors that CAN be controlled are the use of a marketing plan that combines personalized marketing goals with tools designed to optimize those goals.

Hudson Solutions works with each of our production partners on individualized programs tailored to meet the unique and varied marketing objectives of each producer who chooses to work with us. When it comes to building the plan, our toolbox is deep.

Below are just a few of our in-house tools that we tailor as needed:

  • Statistically Enhance Averaging Program

    A marketing tool that leans on cold, hard statistics to decide how much to bring to market and when.

  • Pmin Contract:

    A “Protected Minimum” weekly averaging contract with sales occurring between a predetermined upper and lower boundary. Includes potential double-up sales at the upper boundary in certain conditions.

  • PSS-KO

    “Premium Sales with potential Knock-Out”. Above market (Premium) weekly sales relative to futures prices at time of trade, but weekly sales can be discontinued (knocked-out) in certain conditions. Choice of potential one time double-up or weekly double-up at the Premium level.

  • PPS-Either/Or

    “Premium Sales Either/Or”. EITHER get a weekly sale at the above-market Premium Price (relative to futures prices at time of trade), OR get remaining weekly bushels priced at the Protection Level depending on how futures prices move during the contract period. Potential double-up sales at the Premium Price in certain conditions.

  • Basis

    A contract to establish basis to be delivered at a future date.

  • Hedge to Arrive

    A contract to establish the future price for an established bushel amount and delivery period, but with basis to be set at a later date or before delivery.

  • Forward Cash Contract

    A contract to establish a future cash price locking in both price and basis for delivery by a future date or period.

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